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Past Puppy Family Reviews

We couldn't be happier with Kayla and our Country Danes pups! We adopted Xena from the very first CD's litter (Kolby and Dakota). She is such a sweetheart, loves to nap with her humans and is a great big sister to Ziva. Her favorite thing is to nap and sit on her humans! Ziva was adopted out of Kolby's and Dakota's second litter. She is the quintessential goofy Dane! Ziva has been given the nickname "Tigger" because she likes to bounce around the yard! She is sweet but is also very verbal! She absolutely loves the outdoors and will stare you down until you let her out! We tell you about our girls' personalities because the reason they are so well adjusted started with Kayla! When Kayla says her pups come pre spoiled, she speaks the truth! Both pups have come with clean bills of health. Kayla stays in touch with you and will answer promptly when you have a question or concern. We can't say enough about Kayla and Country Danes.....but, we will say this - if we had enough land and house, we'd have a herd of Country Danes pups! We would not hesitate in getting another Dane from Kayla! She keeps true to her word and has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Her pups are absolutely won't go wrong with a pup from Country Danes!

-Erica and Andrew Seese Perrysburg, OH

Ok there aren't enough stars to give this amazing breeder and the pups she produces!! We have 3 of Country Danes pups, 6 months apart. I didnt know have alot of firsthand experience with Danes, but Kayla took time to help us feel at ease and comfortable with our babies, she answers every question we have and is always there to help with anything. Kayla pretty much gives up her life for 8 weeks and sacrifices sleep to make sure the puppies are eating and thriving. They are her babies!! We are blessed beyond measure to have found Kayla and her program. The puppies are very socialized with people and other dogs, the temperment is so awesome, and appearance wise.....well lets just say, every single litter, every single pup is gorgeous! These puppies grow into such stunning dogs. Obviously if we have 3 that speaks for itself. Kayla doesnt lose contact even when the pups grow up, she still cares about them all. Kayla has become family, and we are looking forward to adding a few more country dane babies in the future♡♡♡♡♡♡  - Patti Sanchez

I am thankful for finding Kayla Altman, This photo should speak for itself. - Eric DeStefano


We have two pups (Feb 2015 and Aug 2015 litters) from Country Danes and love how healthy and social they are. They are well behaved and were nurtured from the second they were delivered. Our second pup was the 'runt' of the litter and required extra attention from Kayla during his first 8 weeks. She got his weight to where he needed to be and made sure he met her standards before he came home with us. Videos and pictures; along with weights, were provided. All puppy buyers are kept informed of any and all necessary issues as well. If we were able to we would not hesitate to get another pup from Kayla. We also are grateful for Kayla for putting us in contact with another breeder for our other Dane pup (Feb 2015) She is not our breeder Kayla is our family ❤.

 - Fran Swatski

Onyx and Emery

I have had Great Danes for as long as I can remember. Some from rescues, some from breeders and I honestly can say that my experience with Kayla, is by far the best experience I've had! She is awesome! I am looking forward to another pup from her!  - Lori Templin


I love Country Danes! Awesome to find caring and loving breeders; as well as people who are a part of the litters family. Love seeing all the pups growing. Gypsy is the most loving, smart, and goofy little girl. She loves my German Shepard to pieces always snuggling up and loves my 1 year old  

- Devan Stilwell


Me and Noell Metzler couldn't be happier with Kayla Altman and our puppy. The whole experience since day one has been great. Very healthy and beautiful dogs. I was amazed by her dogs and can't wait to see our girl full size ;) Not only does Kayla take great care of her dogs before you get them but she makes it a point to keep everyone in contact afterwards which is fun to see the others grow up as well. No complaints here besides the fact that I love our puppy so much I want another lol.  - Kevin Metz

Couldn't ask for a better dog!! He gets along great with both my children that are 5 and 14. Also gets along very well with my other dog and 2 cats. He is playful and smart and goofy. He is the best! I love Osiris with all my heart. And kayla as a breeder is beyond amazing. She goes above and beyond and will be there to support you every step of the way!!  - Jennifer Johnson

I cannot describe how grateful I am for finding Country Danes! I would have never chosen another breeder! Great pups! - Sophie Brakefield


Highly recommended, great to work with, beyond accommodating, and most importantly, great, great puppies! - Dan Dowens


5 out 5 stars from me. I could not be happier with the 2 pups we got from you. You are great to deal with. Always kept use informed on how the pups where doing and always answered any questions we had. I would gladly get another Dane from you.

 - Scott Kissinger

Amazing high quality breeder and puppies! We have 2 (return buyers) Puppies are very socialized with people and other dogs, they understand NO... these babies are such happy pups that love to be cuddled. Kayla goes above and beyond to keep you informed of how your pup is growing, its quirky traits and posts tons of videos and pics. She takes time to answer questions and provides support. She is so accommodating and sacrifices about 8 weeks of her personal life for her litters, this includes many nights of sleep deprivation. Her puppies are her children, and are loved from birth! I would highly recommend Kayla and her pups!!! 

- Patti Sanchez (Another one from before she received her third baby from us!)

I would recommend Country Danes to anyone looking for a Dane to add to their family! Great to work with from start to finish! Always kept us informed and is still always there to answer any questions that may come up! We have two babies from country Danes and would definitely get another one in the future! Both are such lovers and full of cuddles and not to mention awesome from day one with my 5 and 1 year old human kiddos!! - Brittni Itzel (now has 4 babies from us, updated picture!!)


I get compliments everyday about how beautiful Ellie is. She can be ornery, but I love her. Smooth and easy when buying from Kayla. No hassle or doubt. She does all she can to make sure you're updated and genuinely cares for the pups health and your satisfaction  

- Melissa Strickler


Best breeder I've ever met. Fantastic puppy, amazing experience. Wish I could give 100 stars.

-Natalie Anne 


Andrew and I have 2 pups from Kayla. I can say without a doubt that Kayla is the best breeder around. She cares for each and every pup with all her heart. She goes above and beyond for her pups and their families. Ours girls, Xena and Ziva, are the most loving dogs ever to humans and to our Golden Retriever, Dayzee. They truly would love it if I just sat on the couch 24/7 so they could just snuggle. It's been so awesome seeing the siblings grow up (even meeting a few) and being a part of the Country Danes family!

- Andrew and Erica Seese (again ❤)

Fantastic breeder producing top quality dogs! We could not be happier with our Country Danes girl!

- Britney Carlson


Kayla is the most loving and caring breeder !! She loves her babies for a lifetime and is always there to answer questions. Not to mention Mr Picasso is an amazing soulmate​!! In which we Love with all our hearts and will always be well taken care of and part of our family thanks to Kayla

- Misti Grady

Very happy with my Country Dane "Adele". This breeder is 100% there for you with any questions or concerns you might have. The care she gives her puppies in their first 8 weeks of life is the best I've seen. Keep up the great work. Thank You again for the amazing friend you allowed us to purchase. You are awesome!

- Amanda Miller


Kayla is the most caring and loving breeder I've ever encountered myself with. She goes above and beyond for each and everyone of her pups. She truly cares about the wellbeing of her dogs and puppies. She is there for me whenever I have any questions about my Dawson and continues to check in with me and ask how my boy is doing.
I highly recommend Country Danes to any Dane lover.
Thank you so much Kayla for my sweet boy. I couldn't be happier with him.

- Laura Rodgers


If you are looking for a responsive and involved breeder look no farther. I have worked in the dog world for all my life and Kayla is the most amazing breeder I have ever met! She is always there when you need her and is such an amazing part of all of her litter's lives! Her dogs are amazing and are all treated and loved as family! These babies are one of a kind, all so personable and well built! The pups come socialized and exposed to many different things such as the pool or even kayla's horses! I have one male from her now and he has been nothing but amazing. We will be getting our second male from country Danes in 2 weeks and couldn't be more excited for his arrival and future with us and country Danes! I cannot say enough about kayla. Her love for the breed and her passion for what she does far outshines any other breeder I have ever known. If you get a Dane from Country Danes, I doubt you will look elsewhere in the future for another!

- Niki Bobich


I absolutely would go nowhere else to get a Dane. The care and love that these dogs get is the best! I will recommend County Danes to anyone ready for one of these gorgeous loves. I am so in love with mine �� Thank you Kayla from the bottom of my heart

- Laura Redel


Best experience ever dealing with a breeder.she will answer any question.and definitely cares for all her animals extremely well.

- Ryan Breneman

Kayla is a amazing breeder and has become one of my good friends I can count on she's always taken great care of colt boy!!!! Thanks chick for always being around for me to vent

- Ashley Swanger

Kayla is the best breeder . She loves her dogs . Very caring . Does so much for them the second they are born , up until they find there homes. Very impressed with the setup. She is Great. 👍🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

- Shirley Lohrfink


I couldn't be more impressed with Country Danes! Kayla is devoted and knowledgeable. She puts everything she has into her puppies, and it shows. The time and effort she puts into each dog makes all the difference in the world. Her dogs are loving, well socialized, smart and easy to train with gorgeous conformation. Her support and guidance both before and after purchase are absolutely invaluable. I am so grateful to her for my healthy, happy dog, and I can't wait to add another Country Dane pup to our family in the future!

- Jamie Malak Glogowski


Kayla Altman is a very genuine and caring breeder . She cares for ALL of her danes , past, present and future . I did not get the pleasure of meeting Kayla in person but we have spent countless hours of conversation together . She has given me her opinion and advice on how to handle some things I had questions about. I am Proud I got Stella from Kayla . I am even more proud I can say she is a Country Dane. Thank You Kayla .

- Gina Marino-Kline


Kayla has been absolutely amazing to work with not only does she create amazing puppies and dogs but she’s just a great person my son loved her as well 😂 my parents and I are beyond happy with Lou Lou belle so far she has been just a dream and full of spunk! I would recommend country Danes to anyone! ❤️ again thank you!!

- Sage Machia


I am so happy to have found Kayla and Country Danes! I had been looking for a reputable breeder for months and came across CD in a Facebook Dane group. From day 1 of reaching out to Kayla, our interactions have been nothing short of top notch. She cares about each and every little life that comes through her home, made the selection and “waiting” process more bearable by sending pictures and videos and answering my seemingly endless questions, and the day I picked up my sweet Bentley was one I’ll never forget. My baby is amazing - happy, healthy and extremely handsome. I cannot say enough good things about Kayla and hope one day to be blessed with another one of her beautiful babies!

-Kimberly Evans


Kayla is an awesome breeder and has become a great friend! She puts everything into her program and babies to provide well socialized pups for our families! I cannot express my appreciation, and highly recommend Country Danes for your next addition ❤️

- Crystal Underwood

Kayla is such an amazing breeder! She’s great to work with and cares so much about her pups and that they go to nothing less than a perfect home. Kronk will be 2 in July and is such a love bug.

- Mariel DiBartolomeo Mancano


An amazing experience! Kayla is very knowledgeable with the breed and was able to answer any question I had! She truly loves what she does and loves every puppy she has! Strongly recommend Country Danes!

- Krista Albright


kayla is amazing and I am obsessed with my new pup from her. he is perfect! kayla answered me at all hours lol even super late on any and all questions I had and made shipping my baby from PA to cali painless. I'll never get a pup from anyone else. she really teaches them alot in the little time she has with them my pup has had one accident since hes came to us at 10 weeks old!

-Sierra Arnold


Country Danes are amazing breeders! They care for the puppies so well, send many updates as the puppies grow, and they are helpful when we need them. I can always count on Kayla to respond quickly to any questions or concerns I may have. We found our Olympus with her and we are so amazed at how wonderful he is. Olympus has an amazing temperament, he is built like a tank, and we get so many complements from others about him. I can’t even count the number for people that have asked us if they can buy him from us. I was surprised at how big the puppy package was when we took Olympus home. It was filled with so much information, toys, and even treats. We couldn’t be more pleased to have Olympus in our lives and we look forward to getting another sweet baby from Country Danes in the near future. We drove across the country all the way from Louisiana to get Olympus and I would do it again any day. He was well worth it!

- Crystal Deville Douget


Kayla puts a lot of love and devotion into each and every one of her pups. we absolutely love the new addition to our family and couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend Country Danes!

- Shawn Castle


Kayla is full of knowledge when it comes to Danes. We purchased our first Dane from her and he's everything we've ever dreamed of. She is someone I can go to with any questions or concerns! I will always recommend her to anyone looking for a puppy!!

- Candi McGowan


We have not only taken in one Dane from Kayla, but came back a couple years later to take in another. When the decision came to get another dog, we knew we could go nowhere else.

Kayla is a very responsible, knowledgeable and attentive breeder. The most important thing we’ve seen with Kayla’s puppies is their temperament. Both our Danes have amazing temperament and our almost 4 year-old Dane is in great health. Her responsible breeding produces dogs that are well adjusted, HEALTHY, and of course beautiful.

If and when we want a third dog, we will come right back to her.

- Andrew DeStefano

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