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   Are you ready for a Corgi Puppy?  

We added Corgis to our home because I have always been crazy about the breed. We added our first one as a pet only to make sure it was a breed that meshed with our lifestyle, our other dogs, and to make sure it was an overall good fit for us. Cinch was the perfect addition! He has been my shadow since day 1! After having him for a year we decided we wanted to add Corgis to the breeding program with the Great Danes. We currently have 3 breeding females and an up and coming stud. Cinch has been neutered and is just my little shadow.

They are such a loyal and fun breed! But they also have some cons. 


If you are not ok with at least a weekly brushing and daily sweeping, then the corgi breed is NOT for you. This is a shedding breed. They have a medium length double layer coat that sheds pretty significantly.

 Also, with them being low to the ground, means they pick up dirt and mud much easier. This means their bellies get dirtier much quicker! They truly are low riders.  

They also need weekly nail trims. Keeping shorter well-kept nails is best. 

This is a very intelligent breed, which means they can be easily trained! This also means they have a mind of their own and can be a bit stubborn at times. If you are not comfortable with stricter training, we highly recommend puppy classes and hiring a trainer.

They are a working breed, which means sometimes their natural instincts come out.  All of our corgis have been natural farm dogs. They love to be in the barn with us, with our livestock, herding the chickens and goats. This means if you have young children, they may try to herd them as well. Usually if you keep them stimulated it doesn't become a problem and they are just a great family dog. But they do require a bit of stimulation to keep them busy. Remember a tired dog/puppy is a good dog/puppy!

Corgis can get obese and QUICK! It's very important to keep to a strict diet with them on top of everyday exercise. 

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