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   Are you ready for a Great Dane Puppy?  

You always hear, "I've always wanted a great dane!" But then it makes you think, "Have you really looked into owning a great dane?" You always see rehoming adds that consist of, "I didn't realize they would get THIS big" or "We can't handle them anymore". There are many factors to look at when deciding if a Great Dane is the dog for you. 

Size AGAIN:  Great Danes really don't know their size. They don't know what personal space is. They are considered "velcro dogs". They would rather be in your lap then laying by themselves. Yes, they are lap dogs. 

Size: Great Danes clearly are not on the smaller scale for dogs. A male danes can measure anywhere from 32″ – 36″ at the shoulder and weigh anywhere from 140 – 180 pounds on average. A female dane can measure between 28″ and 32″ at the shoulder and weigh around 110 – 140 pounds on average. Yes, Great Danes are a more "noticable" breed, but is a dog that large something you are ready to own?

Me and our stud, Colt

The Bigger the Dog, the Bigger the Expense: Great Danes can be a fairly expensive breed to own. Food cost can add up because obviously they eat more then the average dog. Sometimes you can get lucky and get away with a vet bill for a reasonable amount but usually, because danes are larger your price is going to go up for anything needing done. But, logically, the bigger the dog bigger the cost. Also, dog beds, toys, collars, and anything else you need for your baby, has to be larger which in turn...more expensive.

If your a neat freak, a dane may not be for you:  They slobber, and not just a little. When they drink or eat, its even worse. And, it gets EVERYWHERE. Expect to clean ceilings and walls just because slobber gets flung all over. 

Our girls enjoying cuddling in bed with me way in the back.

Leaving them alone: A lot of danes are prone to separation anxiety. Most dogs you can leave alone for 8-10 hours (work day). Some danes however, are not those dogs. With separation anxiety, also comes destruction and them becoming depressed when being left alone for too long. 

Big dog, big training: Great Danes are not a dog you want to not obey simple commands. A dog this size that does not listen properly, is a dog asking for trouble. Leash training is cruicial. You can't have a dog that large pulling on a leash and getting away from you or dragging you along. A non disciplined Great Dane can rip a couch apart in a matter of minutes. Having your Great Dane jump on you or company as soon as you walk in the door can be quite painful. Bottom need to be the boss and your Great Dane needs to know that.

Most important, do you have a heart big enough for a Great Dane?: Great Danes have a way of stealing your heart. You don't truly know love until you have been around a Dane or owned by a Dane. Yes, there are tons of factors telling you to go against a dane and pick a different breed, but there is no comparison on the amount of love and loyalty that you get from a dane. All the work, all the worry, all the money, and cleaning, is worth every second that you can be around one of these amazing creatures.

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