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Our Girls

FSGD & Country Danes Stuck On You "Briar"

Briar has been such a great addition here! She is 75% European lined and carries for fawn, chocolate and 1 masking gene. Briar is our wild child! She isn't afraid of anything and is willing and ready to take on the world.

Color: Blue Harlequin

Birthday 7-20-2017

Height: 34 inches

Weight: 135 lbs.

OFA Hips: Excellent

OFA Heart: Normal

OFA Elbows: Normal

Country Danes Life Changes "Ada Jane"

Ada is a Country Danes production. She is out of our retired Russian import, Era, and an outside Spanish imported stud. She is 100% European lined. Ada Jane is exactly like her mom and a total sweetheart! She carries for blue and double masking.

Color: Fawn Harlequin

Birthday 11-05-2018

Height: 34 inches

Weight: 140 lbs

CHIC# 159394

Country Danes Holdin For The 8 "Laney"

 Laney is one of the newest members of our family and a continuation of our lines. She is a granddaughter to miss Era. Full European lines. She carries for tan point, blue, pie, and fawn. We are excited to watch her grow and see what she brings to our program. She is already such a good baby and instantly fit in with everyone.

Color: Brindle Merle Mantle

Birthday 07-06-2021

Height: 30 inches

Weight: 110 lbs 

OFA Echo: Normal

OFA Eyes: Normal

Country Danes Something In The Orange "Bayne"

 Bayne is a Country Danes production so she's a little extra special to us! She is from Beretta, our 75% European lined fawn harl girl who is now retired and 100% European lined stud, Stetson. We are so excited to have a piece of Beretta to continue on in our program! She carries for blue and has a double masking gene. 

Color: Fawn 

Birthday 11-30-2020

Height: 33 inches

Weight: 125 lbs

OFA Echo: Normal

OFA Eyes: Normal

Country Danes Wishing For Peace "Kyiv"

 Kyiv is another Country Danes production out of our Russina import, Era, and our full European lined stud, Stetson. I have been working for many years to produce a dane like Kyiv and when she came along, I knew that she would be the perfect addition here! She has been a sassy but so smart girl from the day she was born! She carries for blue, pie, and fawn.

Color: Brindle Harlequin

Birthday 01-11-2022

Height: 33 inches

Weight: 130 lbs

Mallard Lakes Smoke Show of Country Danes "зола (Zah-la)"

 зола, pronounced Zah-la, is going to be our newest baby! She is currently only 4 weeks old, so we still have a few weeks until she comes home. She is a granddaughter to our Era, and half-sister to Laney. зола means Ash in Russian. We wanted a different name and something to tie into her roots but still tie into our Country Danes theme as well. We are so excited to get her at the end of the month! 

She carries for pie, and fawn.

Color: Blue Harlequin

Birthday 10-04-2022



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